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I have been giving some thought lately to what the key contributors are to a happy, pleasant environment in the workplace. We all know that we can’t choose our co-workers and that, just like family relationships, co-worker relationships can have their ups and downs. Sometimes, all it takes is one person with whom we work especially closely, to make or break our experience.

When you think about how many hours you spend at the office, you realize how fantastic it is when you truly get along with and respect your co-workers. It can make all the difference in how you view your job, and how satisfied you are with your position.

With that said, it is highly unlikely that every day is going to be roses and chocolates, no matter how much you like your coworkers. It is, after all, work. But how great is it when you feel as if you can eke out those last few minutes of productivity at the end of the day, just because you feel valued and you know how much you are appreciated?

As the saying goes, the grass is not always greener in someone else’s yard (or around someone else’s office building), but if you have a job that you do like, take some time to think about why. If you don’t, it may be time for greener pastures.

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