When do you know its time to strip and wax your floors?

When do you know its time to strip and wax your floors? Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is generally the type of flooring found in schools, grocery stores, office buildings, hospitals, etc. We use only the highest quality industrial cleaning supplies and equipment. For that reason you are sure to be satisfied with the VCT cleaning service Eagle provides.

Sweeping & mopping is the ideal start to maintaining your VCT. However, over time because of dirt, the wax breaks down. Also, if you have unsightly corner edges because of dirt being pushed to the edges, this build up can be removed with our medium or heavy scrub and re-coat service procedure.

Please know that if the edges are neglected during the scrub and re-coat cleaning procedure, the problem is made worse. Now the heavy soil build up becomes encapsulated dirt trapped between coats of wax. Call us here at Eagle to find out how this can be fixed!

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