Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent…

As building owners and managers examine their overall environmental impact and strive to operate sustainable, high-performance buildings, it makes sense to examine cleaning strategies and implement practices that use less energy and less chemicals considered environmentally unsound. Commercial cleaning operations use about eight billion pounds of cleaning chemicals a year, many of which have a significantly negative impact on our environment.

Green cleaning” is increasingly becoming a standard best practice for the operation of a sustainable property. But what is green cleaning, and what is the standard?

Green cleaning is defined as a cleaning practice that protects health without harming the environment. It focuses on the reduction of serious health and environmental impacts, while maintaining high sanitary and janitorial practices. While the transition to green cleaning can be a multi-step process involving the support and cooperation of tenants, janitorial staff or contractor and building management, the economic, health and environmental benefits accrued from this process are plentiful.

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