“How” is more Useful Than “Why”: Office Cleaning Includes Cleaner Technology

I keep reading articles and factoids about how dirty technology devices can be. According to this recent article, our handheld devices are dirtier than toilet seats!

This information is somewhat useful, however, if you’re at all like me, you often lack the right product/solution to clean these devices. Can’t use alcohol. Can’t use ammonia. Can’t use soap and water. Microfiber cloths won’t do the trick. So, if there is a magic bullet for this “device decontamination” that we are in such dire need of, shouldn’t it be more readily available to us? What if, along with your iPhone or Android purchase, you received a container of this magic solution that we all lack? Or maybe right next to the bottleClean Screens of hand sanitizer at the physician’s office or grocery store, there should be a container of device wipes. That way, we couldn’t be cleaning our hands, only to recontaminate them moments later by touching our filthy devices. Good idea right? It’s probably only a matter of time until this idea becomes reality… and someone becomes filthy rich for having implemented it.

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