Floor Care

We offer superb floor and cleaning services! The first thing people notice when they walk into a facility is the cleanliness and shine of the flooring. A clean floor sends a strong message to all who enter. Whether it’s employees, clients, patients, vendors, business associates or family who walk into your facility, it’s vital to have floors that sparkle and shine all year long. When a floor appears to be dirty, dull or dingy, it’s usually an indication that the floor is in need of refinishing.

Eagle Cleaning recognizes this need and devotes a team of staff members to help clients achieve and maintain clean floors. We recommend a floor care plan that includes consistent, periodic floor scrubbing, stripping and waxing. For hard floor surfaces that do not require wax, scrubbing and buffing may be recommended. Whatever type of floor care is required, Eagle’s team of floor care experts can provide it.

A typical Floor Refinishing Procedure (for VCT tile) is as follows:

  1. Strip all tile down to the base floor to include corners and edges
  2. Neutralize floors
  3. Apply two (2) coats of sealer
  4. Apply three (3) coats of finish
  5. Burnish next day and implement a burnishing program

The frequency of this program varies for each client but Eagle recommends at least twice per year.

VCT Tile during finishing

Nichols - finished floor 2

VCT Tile after finishing with 3 coats of wax

Nichols - Finished Floor

Finished Floor

Floor Waxed Before & After

Ceramic Tile Floor – Before and After Refinishing.

fiba floor b4-3

VCT Tile before refinishing

fiba floor after - 3

The finished product! Beautiful luster.

VCT floor before waxing

VCT floor after waxing

VCT floor – after stripping

VCT floor – finished with 5 coats of wax

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