Dirty Floors Got You Down? You Can Blame the Groundhog

groundhog-day2Ah, February: the shortest, and yet seemingly the longest, month of the year. Snow, cold, darkness, ice, stressful commutes and that omniscient groundhog telling us that it’s only just begun.
This is the time of year when, no matter how hard we try, what lies beneath our feet tends to look positively yucky. Snow, sand, salt and various ice-melting chemicals (followed by yet more snow) are dragged into our vehicles, our homes and our workplaces on a daily basis. Floor finishes look dull and lifeless and carpeting appears matted and dingy. Every time we look down and see a dirty floor, we tend to extend that view beyond the floors and we question the cleanliness of our entire surroundings.

For those in the commercial cleaning business, this is a tough time of year. It is especially important to spend as much time as possible on floor care, which means more frequent vacuuming, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and floor refinishing. It’s also an optimum time to establish a floor care program with clients for the coming months.
Eagle Cleaning recommends that carpeted areas be extracted and cleaned 3 to 4 times per year, depending on traffic patterns, and that tile flooring be stripped and waxed about as often. Having a floor care program in place ahead of time ensures that flooring will be in optimum condition and be properly prepared to withstand the elements of even the harshest New England winter. And maybe, just maybe, one day that groundhog will be wrong.

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