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Millennials. This generation of young adults is responsible for many technological advances and cultural changes in the workplace. The word “workplace” has even taken on a new meaning since most of us are available and accessible 24/7 from wherever we happen to be. As a member of Generation X, I can’t say what our generation is best known for, other than being defined as “latchkey” children and early adopters of MTV.

Whichever generation defines us, we can all agree that there are indeed many positive outcomes from technology, the new flexible workplace and the changes they bring. In fact, companies like Amazon, LinkedIn and Google are growing at exponential rates because of many of these changes. Change can be good. But one change that isn’t necessarily good is the way we communicate with and service customers; and the way we as customers communicate with those who market to us. In many situations, customer service no longer requires that we speak to a human being. And when we do finally get to speak with another person, that person may not be truly prepared to help us. I know many fellow Gen-Xers who find this frustrating and somewhat disheartening. Whether we are returning an item of clothing purchased online, or seeking help with choosing an insurance policy, automation can only take us so far before we need one-on-one interaction with someone. “Memorable customer service can only take place in a human-to-human situation” (Jeffrey Gitomer, Professional Speaker and Business Trainer)

Although the trends indicate that automation is on the rise (link below), isn’t it refreshing to find and do business with companies that still adhere to the traditional standards and methods; phone calls and face-to-face meetings? Companies such as these do exist although they are harder to find. Maybe we will eventually see a shift back to good old-fashioned customer service. And as is true with trends, perhaps everything old will become new again. – 10 Customer Service & Customer Experience Trends for 2017


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